40 volumes and 57 Sinhala Tipitaka pdf, Tripitaka Pali to Sinhala translation by Sri Lankan Bhikkhu Sangha; Vinaya, Sutta, Abhidhamma Pitaka books. Abhidhamma Pitaka 5, Indriyavibhaṅga, Pali, English, Sinhala. 6, Paṭiccasamuppādavibhaṅga, Pali, English, Sinhala. 7, Satipaṭṭhānavibhaṅga , Pali. 6 May However, Varigapurnikava does not mention how much of the Abhidhamma Pitaka as known at present was taught to Arhant Rathnavali Therin.

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The Tripitaka is the most sacred scripture for Buddhists all over the world. It would be true to say only that the Buddha was accomplished in the three kinds of knowledge, namely, knowledge abhidhamma pitaka sinhala the past, power of divine seeing, and knowledge of liberation.

Essence of Tipitaka

It is in the fathom long body of oneself with its perception and its mind that the Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala describes the world, the origin of the abhidhamma pitaka sinhala, the cessation of the world, and the way leading to the cessation of the world. A bhikkhu should therefore subject abhidhamma pitaka sinhala to the course of discipline and practice as laid down by the Buddha until he has eliminated the twelve defilements such as envy, ill-will, deceit, wrong views etc.

The Buddha told him of the traditional practice of offering the four requisites to bhikkhus of high morality. When the Buddha remonstrated with him for his wrong views he remained unrepentant.

Also when I mentioned that Varigapurnikava believed in Abhidhamma what was intended to say was that Varigapurnikava believes that Abhidhamma was piraka by Budunvahanse, as there are some schools of thought such as Sauthranthikas that do not believe in Abhidhamma as one of the pitakas baskets.

The type of consciousness abhudhamma each plane is further divided into various categories. Upon his making this abhidhamma pitaka sinhala decision there was a great earthquake.

Dhammasangani Index

The Buddha advises him abhidhamma pitaka sinhala contemplate on the true nature of the six sense bases and objects. But in describing the dhammas in their various aspects, it is not possible to keep to absolute terms only. The Buddha gave the similes of attempting abhidhamma pitaka sinhala make oil out of sand, squeezing the horns of a cow for milk, churning water to make butter, and rubbing two pieces of wet green wood to make fire.


Sunakkhatta had been a disciple of the Buddha for three years after which he left the teaching. They wanted to know the if the Sangha had agreed upon a certain bhikkhu to be their head.

Such a abhidhamma pitaka sinhala scope of intellectual endeavour needs to be encompassed in a voluminous and classified compilation. Sinuala Buddha also explained to the bhikkhus what the pleasures of the senses were, what their faults and dangers were, and the way of escape from them. They should be abhidhamma pitaka sinhala their guard not to be led astray by these deceptive defilements.

The series comprises of 40 volumes and 57 books. However, this part of the Pitaka is known for being dense and difficult to read and understand. A complete description of things requires also a statement of how each component part stands in relation to other abhidhamma pitaka sinhala parts.

Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala is not confined to western medicine but western engineering, teaching including university teaching etc.

Sinhala Tipitaka Download – Theravada Buddhist Text in Sinhala

He finally attains arahatship. With no attachment to any of them, there would come liberation. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

The Buddha went to where food was being distributed and stood at one side. Samutta Nikaya Part 2. The statement of the types abhidhamma pitaka sinhala consciousness is followed by identification of the particular type e. The list of rules for the bhikkhunis is longer than that for the bhikkhus. World Clock Currency Rates Weather. The Buddha replied that they were slandering him abhidhamma pitaka sinhala what was not said, what was not true.

Essence of Tipiṭaka

At first, all of them were quite unfriendly, if not openly hostile. There also developed intense mutual aversion, ill-will, thoughts of killing one another, followed by fighting, devastation and carnage. They went to the Buddha abhidhamma pitaka sinhala settlement of their dispute. It was made an auspicious occasion with the distribution of food and with festivities.

In this discourse, mental intoxicants that beset the uninstructed worldling are defined, and seven practices for eradicating them are explained. Once they stray outside their own ground, they expose themselves to the allurements of the sensuous world.


He sent his disciple Uttara who was well versed in Vedas to find out by sinhalaa the thirty-two physical characteristics of a great man whether Gotama was indeed an enlightened Buddha. The Buddha Dhamma has only one taste, the taste of liberation. If insight is developed, abhidhamma pitaka sinhala is developed and ignorance fades away resulting in liberation by knowledge. The Kathavatthu Points of Controversy [1] abhidhamma pitaka sinhala of more than two hundred debates on questions abhdhamma doctrine.

This difference in abhidhamma pitaka sinhala aspects will persist until liberation is achieved.

When the bhikkhus ask him if he sees self or anything pertaining to self in the abhidhamma pitaka sinhala aggregates, Khemaka replies, “No. It is one of the supporting factors conducive to the welfare of a bhikkhu.

Sense perception which apprehends whatever is seen, heard, smelt, tasted, touched or known, is likened to a mirage. When his sinhalla began to turn white, he gave up the household abhidhamma pitaka sinhala leaving his dominions to his eldest son.

In any event what is clear is abhidhammma as far as Buddha Sasana is concerned there are at least two pita,a one given by Mahavamsa and the other as stated in Varigapurnikava. The notion of sabhava Sanskrit: Only the clean cloth will absorb dye; so also only the pure mind will retain the Dhamma.

Patisammpada Abhidhamma pitaka sinhala Prakaranaya The purpose abhidhamma pitaka sinhala this site is to abhidhamma pitaka sinhala an excellent series of Abhidhamma lessons abhidhamma pitaka sinhala Hon. These terms are mere designations which express things that exist in reality and can therefore be classified as conventional usage of the first type referred to above. ;itaka the first watch of the night, when the principle of the origin of the whole mass of suffering was thoroughly grasped in abhidhamma pitaka sinhala detailed manner in the order of arising, the Buddha uttered this first stanza of joy:.