In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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As a result, both cross-company and company-specific reporting is required in multiple currencies. This can be done at the product level, the material type level, or any other characteristic, such as Plant. This period type stores data in weeks and posting periods, which increases data volumes drastically.

This means the af605 rule is SUM. By choosing Application examples, you can view reports and planning layouts. With periodic valuation you can use the updated costs or the actual manufacturing costs to revaluate the line items posted with standard manufacturing costs at the start of the period. It also introduces the interfaces for the flow of actual values. The required transaction data also exists. The field catalog originally contains some suggested value fields, which might be used in a new operating concern.

Sales Order Processing 15 Minutes Exercise 7: The user master records created for the course prevent the participants from having the authorization to change the operating concern. Describe the course goals and the course content. For example, you can configure the table lookup for the characteristic country to find the country value for the ship-to instead of the country value for the sold-to.

Display the list of value fields. Notice that it also does not automatically back-populate any new fields for existing transaction data although this sometimes may be carried out using the CO-PA realignment or periodic valuation functions.


These check tables may already exist in the application from which the characteristic originates or may need to be manually maintained in CO-PA. Af605 allows greater flexibility and control in using costing keys. Currencies are a further central issue.

List of standard SAP Study Materials | Pablo Gallardo’s Blog

Briefly explain the view of responsibility reporting. Profitability Management AC Sales Reporting CO-PA allows you to analyze the profitability of specific market segments, structured according to products, customers, and summarizations of these and other characteristics as well as organizational units, such as company codes or business areas.

Nearly all fixed characteristics have programmed derivation steps that cannot be changed for technical reasons, for example, the derivation of the company code from the sales organization. For example, it could supply the sales district from the invoice and the product group from the material master. As most customers use costing-based CO-PA while using the account-based approach either additionally or not at all, this course focuses on the costing-based approach. Identify the information that can be obtained in Profitability Analysis and Profit Center Accounting.

Make sure to point out that without a valuation strategy, none of the above configuration will take effect. Typical Questions in Profitability Analysis The best way to show the purpose of Profitability Management in the SAP system is to think about some of the typical questions that can be answered, in this case with Profitability Analysis. Emphasize that the purpose of costing-based profitability analysis is not to ensure that Profitability Analysis is reconciled with Sal Accounting.

Log In Sign Up. Performance figures may either be profit and loss account balances or freely defined value fields. Business Example The management of ac6055 company ac65 like to implement a profitability accounting application in the SAP system. Master Data AC Display the assignment of the valuation strategy,and explain the point of valuation and the record type.

Objects and Aspects in Profitability Management Figure This step sequence is known as the derivation strategy.


There are two ways to add other characteristics to the field catalog: Derivation Rule and name it: Identify extensively, the methods of profitability management and the views of profitability management. Read the sections on Characteristics and Value fields. The system either transfers the relevant items from the original postings or creates additional postings. Overview of Operating Concern You define these value fields when you define the data structures for Profitability Analysis.

For this purpose, you need to identify the operating concern, which represents a sales and marketing reporting unit for a corporation. Periodic valuation might be preferred if posting-time performance is an issue. Performance figures are normally measurements of quantities, revenues, discounts, surcharges, product costs, margins, and period costs.

Profitability Analysis

Here, the sales revenues are compared with the manufacturing costs for the products sold, known as cost of sale. Plants are assigned to company codes when organizational structures are defined. As a result, the products sold are transferred to CO-PA in accordance with the cost-of-sales accounting method and provide the information about the sales revenue and sales deductions.

Overview of Profitability Management These should begin with VV This transforms all the flows of goods and services within the company into exchanges of goods and services between profit centers. Ordered Quantity, Scrap, and Marketing Activities.

Give participants the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group, say sc605 relevant experience they have, and explain what they expect to gain from the course. Which sales organizations are assigned to the company code, ? You find the changes in terminology in the following table: Master Data AC the ship-to if there is one for the COPA-relevant transaction, and from the sold-to as a backup ca605 there is no ship-to.