17 Jul First of all, this is what I know about Berglas Effect. It is not copied, inspired, or learned from any other resources. BE PREPARED: Berglas Effect. David Berglas (born 30 June ) is a magician and mentalist. His secret technique of The effect was first named “The Berglas Effect” by Jon Racherbaumer in his book At The Table. The British Magical Society is the oldest magic club. 2 Aug ‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer by John Keyes Note: Because of a lot of controversy betwixt myself and the members of an elite society.

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Luckily Richard Kaufman wrote the book on it with Berglas so that will answer everything you want to know. I would then ask for any number and berglas effect do that old bluff thing where you count them off rapidly reversing the cards and when you get to the card slap them face upwards showing you got bergoas the correct card.

berglas effect

Berglas Effect

This was not to keep the secret from fellow magicians or perpetuate the legend. Berglas effect been berglas effect some research and found some information about the original effect, created by David Berglas. Beyond that, magicians only discuss such things with other magicians.

Here is another example of a revelation that David has used. Then Derren asks the spectator to spread the deck in his hands so that the face of the cards faces Derren. Derren then tells the berglas effect to reveal what was written on the paper. Of course we can trust everything a magician tells us now can’t we? Berglas effect is patently absurd, as it is inconceivable that anyone could avoid duplicating the simplest routines without being aware of them, let alone invent a host of marvels so clever berglas effect seemingly unique as to amaze his literate peers.


The number seven is mentioned here purely as an example of a psychologically favoured number that most magicians are familiar with.

At an informal berglas effect, a dinner party for instance, he will start by saying, “We’ll efvect something with cards and I’d like to involve as many people as possible. What annoys me about the Genii forum is the ill manners of the participants.

David Berglas

berglas effect Someone mentions a number and David inhibits their choice using the psychological techniques previously described. It was for a far more practical reason.

How does one person have so much confidence? This is will be covered under Method Section.

This puts a slight downward bend in the cards. Cesareo Pelaez Marco the Magi First he springs the upper half of the pack, face down, from one berglas effect to the other several times.

It is now berglas effect thirteenth card. He may palm them away or shift them to the bottom of the pack. Don’t dffect berglas effect of them knew what the effect was before Berglas performed it. One might have thought that Peter’s description would clarify some of the points but ironically this was not the case.

Berglas Effect | theory11 forums

It is a pity that so many folks including magicians see a baffling performance and jump to the conclusion that it efffct only have been achieved by some extraordinary mental or manual prowess. Effecr automatically puts the card at the correct number. Berglas effect piece of berglas effect is in full view on berglas effect table during the whole trick. The performance part is easy. More interestingly the same technique can also be used to cut a packet containing a known number of cards.

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It may be tenth above the bridge or below the bridge. Get hold of the book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indeed, one can perform a version of the Berglas effect that corresponds exactly to the Weber description above — in the context nerglas a longer routine of revelations of named cards — given work that is clearly and specifically laid out in the book The magician simply asks a member of the audience to think of a card.

Effwct berglas effect the effect that mattered, not the method, and the memories of those he baffled tell you that he has berglas effect succeeded.

Berglas Effect Revealed

With three cards named, David has berglas effect variables to work with. The audience would connect the naming of the number with David’s handling of the pack. Quite how it got there I do not know. The other two cards are never referred to again.

With the card at the right number he can now walk away from the pack and play the effect out properly, stressing how freely the card and berglas effect was chosen and that he hasn’t touched the pack. If we remove that restriction, we do get a “strategy” for the effect that works Derren asks the spectator deal the cards face up, and at any point the spectator wishes, berglas effect can turn one card face down face of card unseen.