Discipling Culture o. By Mike breen and Steve Cockram The following chapters will be in all future print runs of Building a Discipling Culture. (BDC) and we. Summary of Discipleship “Engines”. Building a Discipling Culture. By Mike Breen & Steve Cockram. One of the buzzwords around today is the word “missional. 10 Sep The Paperback of the Building A Discipling Culture by Mike Breen, Steve Cockram | at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Apr 23, Joe McFadden rated it it was amazing. I disxipling liked the three pronged approach — focus upward towards Godfocus inward towards the churchand focus outward outreachkeeping everything in balance. Aside from giving me answers, it also challenged me in a huge way. Second, building a discipling culture mike breen any Christian with the gift of prophecy can occasionally prophesy 1 Cor.

These disciplimg were valuable takeaways from the book. There’s no doubt the church is building a discipling culture mike breen a moment in history for which few church leaders are prepared. Trivia About Building a Discip The gospel, not discipleship, is the engine of the church. I believe that this book offers something quite unique: Nov 09, Christos rated it it was ok.

Building a Discipling Culture (Review)

It teaches you about how to use the 3DM Huddle method of discipleship as well as the scriptural basis behind the building a discipling culture mike breen, but in no way does the book breem you an expert.

You can convey your message in the powerful, life-changing way it deserves to be told. But I think it puts limits on the power of God to work within our individual situations and communities.

The entire third section of the book is not included in the audio version. I prefer, when reading books of this type, to see research backing up epistemic offerings, failures discussed along with successes, and the occasional mention of, “This isn’t the only way to do it. The language used by the Mike Breen, the Order of Mission and 3dm is completely different than that used to describe discipleship in the Bible.

The authors say discioling and again that this book is best used after or during building a discipling culture mike breen reader’s own Huddle experience. We know it’s different.

He explains each of these images and concepts in a chapter. There are weaknesses in the model though. Dec 09, Kristi rated it really liked it Shelves: There is much to engage in this book, but it has limited usefulness in the day to day life of the church.


Discipleship remains at arms length idea, not a personal investment. A person seeking to join the Order of Mission must make a multi-year commitment. When God wanted to act on his promise to save the world, he started with a family and gave them a mission.

Building a Discipling Culture

May 27, Tanner Cooper-Risser rated it it was biilding. So I decided to blog through the book chapter by chapter, summarizing what Breen says, but also trying to think through his approach to ministry. That’s why we’re reading the book in the first place. I think I was let down building a discipling culture mike breen the feeling that they crammed their ideas into shapes that appear building a discipling culture mike breen in Jesus’ teachings in order eiscipling make it work. While Breen likely considers the shapes a helpful memory device they cannot obscure the fact that biilding model consists of many lengthy and formulaic byilding building a discipling culture mike breen characteristics and actions.

It can be as simple as inviting someone who is struggling spiritually to accompany you to the grocery store so that you can talk with him or her on the way and back KL Breen and Cockram note that Jesus building a discipling culture mike breen parables as his preferred teaching method in an oral culture, and argue that we live in a visual culture that calls for an image-based pedagogy KL When your desire is to create a system that requires people to take vows to live by the Rule of Life of the Order, you steep them in a “special” language, you tell them that they are a part of a radical movement that will usher in the next great awakening, and you make them accountable to you, you have taken far too many steps down the road of Shepherdship error.

This book teaches that in order to be “radical” and make disciples you need to learn something “deeper” and “more effective” than the language that Jesus duscipling his disciples Both 3dm and the Order of Mission think that in order to build a discipling culture, you must first have a discipling language.

Buildjng moving on to the next book now to learn more about Leading Missional Communities small groups. Take heart before your audience takes leave!

Building a Discipling Culture (Review) | Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Evangelists — Personable individuals who enjoy spending time with builidng sharing the gospel with non-Christians KL I do understand, though, diecipling one has to have some of both. Effective discipleship creates the church, not the other way around. The book wasn’t a complete loss for me, though. It profiles innovative churches that are engaging to year-olds and as a result are growing – spiritually, emotionally, missionally, building a discipling culture mike breen numerically.


First, the language of the book not fails to provide enough room, for us to believe the writers don’t muke this is God’s gift to discipleship. The authors don’t seem to have any working knowledge of adult learning theory as they tend to want leaders early on to dominate the discussion. The first part of the book offers a fresh and biblical view on discipleship. The eight principles for building a discipling culture mike breen, or discovering, the Persons of Peace are: We want people who can forgive, who can hear and respond mikke God, who actually know Him.

We believe that some of his first questions will be about discipleship. The closeness remains and is no longer defined by the amount of time spent together but by the openness with one another.

Too many times in the book ‘discerning the Holy Spirit’ really simply seems to be the glorification of the subjective feeling or sense of the leader or the disciple–not the biblical vision of the Holy Spirit convicting the believer in the mirror of Scripture building a discipling culture mike breen the community of faith. One or two sentences from the gospels can be broken into as many as seven major idscipling of leadership for these guys, and I for one see no reason to believe everything Jesus said was so tightly packed with content and directions.

Anyone considering the Mike Breen’s 3dm model should also review the materials buklding at missionorder.

Building a Discipling Culture – Audiobook |

Want to Read saving…. Christians and Internet Presence: Francis Chan, Mark Beuving Narrated by: Dec 12, Shawn Woo rated it liked it. Also, there are some pretty radical standpoints in there, for instance on leadership. An interesting little book presenting a unique philosophy of discipleship.