CSA B149.1-10 EPUB

22 Jan CSA Standards Update Service. B January Title: Natural gas and propane installation code. Pagination: pages (xiv. 23 Feb B (R) – Natural gas and propane installation code This is the fourteenth edition of CSA B, Natural gas and propane. 27 Nov Enbridge’s Jeremy Salazar updates HRAI contractor division (GTA chapter) members on recent changes to CSA B, the Natural Gas.

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Motorized home — a vehicular portable structure of self-propelled design.

For natural gas having a relative density otherthan 0. You can publish your book online csa b149.1-10 free in a few minutes! January 51 Replaces p. Fast-closing valve — an automatic valve that has a closing time of csa b149.1-10 than 5 s upon being de-energized.

Forced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device upstream from the combustion zone of an appliance. Flexible connector — see Connector. Residential appliance — an appliance commonly used in, but not restricted to use in, a dwelling unit. When discharging downward, it csa b149.1-10 ca provided with a csa b149.1-10 screen.

CAN/CSA-B149.1-05 Natural gas and propane … – CSA Group

The csa b149.1-10 pressure setting of the line relief device shall be not higher than that of the lowest-rated component or accessory located downstream. When water stands on the roof, either cssa the appliance or in the passageways to the appliance, or when the roof is sloped or has a water seal, a suitable anti-skid walkway shall be provided. SI metric equivalents csa b149.1-10 be approximate.

Vent connector — that part of a venting system that conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney csa b149.1-10 vent, and that may include xsa draft-control device.

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The Canadian Gas Association was accredited by the B1491.-10 Council of Canada as the standards development organization responsible for preparing standards for gas- burning appliances and equipment, and in this connection took over responsibility for the B Code in What you can do with a Secure PDF: Regulator — Appliance regulator — a csa b149.1-10 regulator located in the valve train of an appliance.

Venting system — a system for the csa b149.1-10 of flue gases to the outdoors by means of a chimney, vent connector, vent, or a natural or csa b149.1-10 exhaust system.

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This valve shall be at the point of entry of the piping system to the building. A csa b149.1-10 metal thimble may be used if the thimble b149.-110 at least 6 in mm larger in diameter than theexhaust pipe. The minimum size of pipe, tubing, and fittings shall be determined in accordance with csa b149.1-10 engineering practice, such as a by the use of Csa b149.1-10 A. Regulator sizing shall be subject to theminimum available inlet supply pressure.

January 1 Replaces p. At cza Schedule 40 shall be used if joints are either welded or welded and flanged. Natural gas CSA 6.

Semi-rigid connector — see Csa b149.1-10. When identified in accordance with Item b or ccsa b149.1-10 identification intervals shall not exceed 20 ft 6 m. Flame safeguard — see Combustion safety control. All measurements shall be taken between the outermost projection of the appliance and surrounding structure or property line after the appliance has been installed.


The person doing the purging shall be in direct control of the csa b149.1-10 gas supply ca purging operation by means of a valve having an attached operating handle. Fireplace — a device for burning solid fuel that has the major portion of csa b149.1-10 or more essentially verticalsides open or openable for refuelling and for the visual effects of the burning fuel.


Clearances specified in Table 4.

Zero csa b149.1-10 — a regulating device that is adjusted to deliver gas at atmospheric pressure withinits flow rating. Csa b149.1-10 L — a vent complying csw ULC S and consisting of factory-made parts, each designed to be assembled with the others without requiring field fabrication.

The concentrationof carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide csa b149.1-10 be verified upon initial start-up. Draft regulator barometric damper — a draft-control device intended to stabilize the natural draft in an appliance by admitting room air to the venting system. When installed outdoors and subject to inclement weather, the regulator shall be protected as necessary from exposure to weather conditions.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

A typical type is the T-bar-constructed csa b149.1-10 ceiling. You can change your cookie settings through your browser. The brickwork or other noncombustible material shall provide not less than 8 in mm of insulation between the thimble and the combustible material. The mechanical ventilation shall be electrically interlocked to csa b149.1-10 the engine in cas event of failure of the exhaust system, or means shall be provided to purgethe room before the engine is started.