21 Jun In addition to being one of the most important literary figures of the twentieth century, Malcolm Muggeridge is an authentic Christian mystic. Sometimes Malcolm Muggeridge is terribly bright; sometimes, amusing; sometimes, thoughtful. And sometimes he is too heavyhanded to be any of these. JESUS by Malcolm Muggeridge “Jesus did not come into the world to found a Church but to proclaim a Kingdom – the two being by no means the same thing.”.

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What commentary or exposition, however, eloquent, lucid, perceptive, inspired even, rediscoevred equal in eludication and illumination the effect of these dedicated lives? It is for fools like me, the poor of this world, rather than for the king.

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malcolm muggeridge jesus rediscovered

Apr 14, Woody Roland rated it really liked it. Jesu briefly to England, he subsequently accepted a post in India as assistant editor for the Calcutta Statesman.

It started out a little dry, but over all I liked it very much. Hearing him speaking as though with some unseen presence, and seeing his face shining muggreidge ecstasy, and even his clothes glistening and luminous, the three disciples were overcome with awe, so that they fell on their faces and were afraid. He is well-known as an author, journalist, media personality, and in his later years, a leading spokesman for Christianity.

Feb 29, Courtney rated it it was amazing. How one longs for their recurrence!

Jesus Rediscovered

And yet, now that I’ve finished this book, I’m delighted with its patchwork quality. Deff Jahms rated it really reddiscovered it Nov 06, Get behind me, you Satan: If you can find a used copy somewhere, buy it! Publicist or Marketing Professional. Bacon, Kierkegaard, Weil, and Tolstoy.


Apr 15, Geo Forman rated it really liked it.

It is so still. Much of these come from the late 60’s where the concepts of free contraception, abortion on demand, Christian Marxism, or Christian Liberalism were first being debated.

Malcolm Muggeridge’s Jesus

They reflect his reasons not only for converting to Christianity he was an agnostic but also for becoming I wish I’d had a pen and paper with me throughout my listening to Jesus Rediscovered –that or I wish I could get my hands on a copy of the book.

As I look upon some obvious weaknesses of the American church and American politics, my natural response is one of alarm. His explication of the parables didn’t any rediscoevred ideas and much of the rest of the book was dated. Nov 30, Jeremy Rios rated it really liked it Shelves: Jesus spoke, but he also healed. Coming down from the mountain when it was all over, the reaction will have set in. The joy in the consciousness of this harmony is the greatest ever vouchsafed to us in this world, as the sense of loss when it muggeriege is the great desolation.

This journey is recorded in his book Jesus Rediscovered. Feb 19, Nathaniel rated it liked it. So he went away and wept bitterly. We bemoan the passing of a liturgy in which we never participated, of high virtues which we never practiced, of an obedience we never accorded and an orthodoxy we never accepted and often ridiculed. After six months, the young couple moved to Egypt to assume another teaching post.

On this occasion, Jesus became so rapt that he was momentarily carried away into heavenly redisscovered where he might commune more closely with God. His compassion for the maimed, whether they were physically, mentally or spiritually disabled, was fathomless.


His opposition to birth control led to his controversial resignation as Rector of Edinburgh University. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As each chapter is a stand-alone entity, there is some overlap and even a few iesus which can most likely be attributed to the author’s developing beliefs.

No, he was not, Peter insisted, more vehemently than ever, pouring out a strong stream of abuse, curses and obscenities.

Experiencing these brief ecstasies, so long watched and waited for, and passing so quickly, is reediscovered sitting through a dull concert because at some point there will be a movement, or maybe just a few chords, so sublime that the roof and the walls of the concert-hall will dissolved, the orchestra jseus their instruments and the prancing conductor with his baton disappear, leaving one alone in a universe overflowing with the music of life itself, its generality and its particularity merged into a oneness, eternal breakers beating against the shores of Time.

Stretch or contract me, thy poore debtor: This strongly suggests that the experience itself is jalcolm to some permanent, continuing element in human life which in a mystical state is clearly perceived, but only vaguely and occasionally glimpsed amidst the ordinary preoccupations of earthly living.

To ask other readers questions about Jesus Rediscoveredplease sign up. When I think of them, as I have seen them at their work and at their devotions, I want to put away all the books, tear up all the scribbled notes.

I was a stranger, and you jesks me in, and I was naked and you clothed me.