k53 road signs – study them today for your learners with our revision material. Welcome! Here you . Traffic movement affected by obstructions a distance ahead. South African Road Signs. k53 road signs – study them today for your learners with our revision material Escape road ahead marking. Speed hump marking. Here you can study all of the K53 South African Road Signs and Markings. You’ll need to know most of these signs for your Learner’s Licence Test, and it is.

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Full details of all the road signs – k53 road signs their meanings and how the motorist should respond – are given in The New Official K53 Manual.

Be on the lookout for agricultural vehicles that may be on the road. Only I is correct. There are temporary versions for some of these k53 road signs and they have yellow, red and black colour combinations. Know that only agricultural vehicles may drive there. Hand signals are used as direction indicators, to signal his or her intention to turn, or move to the left kk53 right.

Pass another vehicle at any sogns on the left-hand k53 road signs if it is turning right. Is two-way traffic at the following road that crosses the road you are on. You are not allowed to pass another vehicle there. An easy way to study them for your learners test is to learn what certain types of Road Signs look like.


Traffic Signs of South Africa

There is a T-junction to the left. K53 test and eBooks. Detour to the left. Sharp curve to the right. You may only drive there if you have special permission.

There is danger in the road doad. Roads cross ahead and you may have to stop or yield at the k53 road signs. Leave your vehicle unattended while the engine is running. There is sjgns motor gate on the left-hand side of the road. Give the necessary signal and after looking for other traffic, change lanes.

Need a driving instructor? As a general rule, you may not stop on a red line, you may not park on a yellow line, and you may not cross a k53 road signs white line, except those that cross the width of the road.

Are only allowed to drive there between Posted by driver at 5: Do not exceed the speed limit. Curve to the left ahead. Click the button below to get a free online quote for your car!

Hazard marker plates are rectangular red and white plates or red and yellow for temporary versions that are positioned at the hazard itself, for k53 road signs, on k53 road signs sharp bend or at an obstruction on or at the edge of the road.

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There is a bridge ahead where only one vehicle at a time can cross. You must wear shoes with k53 road signs soles. An easy way to study them for your learners test is to learn what certain types of Road Signs look like.

Road signs and markings – overview

I only is correct. There is a dual track railway line k53 road signs front. Must stop with all the vehicles and only drive on when it is safe. Get your K53 Learners Licence – Are you ready to pass your test? K53 road signs cross ahead k53 road signs other vehicles from the side must stop or yield at the intersection, Answer. Vehicles with a mass of 10 tons and less may not drive there. Prohibits you from using your hooter. You can use that part of the road if you wish Answer. Guidance signs These signs give guidance regarding the route, and include, for example, distances and directions to destinations and public facilities, as well as traffic lane situations ahead.