Kalam Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Punjabi Poetry SMS. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was a Punjabi Sufi poet from Kashmir (the region that’s adjacent to Jhelum.

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Aai jaan shikanjey ander jeyon welan wich oalam, Roh noo keh hun reh Muhammad jey rahwey tey mannaa. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Your are unable to discover it. Uchchee jae niyoon lagaaya bane museebat bhaaree, Yaaraan bajh Muhammad Bakhshaa koan karey gham-khaaree. Do not rejoice at the death of your enemy because your friends too have to die, The afternoon sun is soon going to set.

Neither is any crime scene inspection there, nor any justification or excuse, What you do, so muhamkad will get, the Royal Justice is tough. Lifeā€¦ Life is a false pretext, death is standing overhead, Tens of millions prettier than you have gone to sleep in the ground.

Jis yaari wich laalch howey, kadey oh torr na charrdhee, Chader lero leer Muhammad, kanddyaan naal jo arrdee. The verses of others are earthenware lamps, candles or as like torches. Your support is my refuge O Allah. Without asking, you fulfill longings, immeasurable, countless, For the kindness which you bestowed on me, I am kxlam with every breath.

Oh belee tey har koee belee, un belee vee belee, Sajnaa bajh Mohammad Baksha, sunjee peyee haweiee. When a droplet dissolves in the river, what will it be called? Not for ever the palms red with henna, not for ever will the bangles make a sound, Not for ever, wearing their jewelry, will the friends sit together in company. Izrail farishta aaya ley ley hukm janaabi, Parrhyaa shah da kalmaa ditee jaan shataabe.


Kalam-Saif ul Malook-Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh – Video Dailymotion

Sukhan kisey de heerey motee, koee jawaahar laalaan, Ik deevey ik shamaa Mohammad, ik maanad mashaalan. If He is gracious, He turns the withered into green.

Be patient, patience will be rewarded, so the Holy Book muhammzd us. Zaalim ishq be taras qasaie, reham nahi is away, Nazuk badnaa maar rulaandaa, sehm nahi is away.

I am not trustworthy, Again I offered Tawbah at your doorstep, please forgive, O the one who forgives. Dushamn marey tey khushee na karey, sajnaa wee mar janaa, Deegar tey din gayaa Mohammad, orrak noon dub jana. He muhhammad angels to work for him, while we are merely humans.

For four days is your life and youth, enjoy what you can, Not forever will be this wealth, this world, not for ever will be the forces, armies. Peelaa mankaa neyrrey kharryey, kakh us noon ud mildey, Lalaan naal naheen ud chamraan, raah niyaarey dil dey. World did not accompany anybody from here, everybody wen alone one after another, Those are better who kept their clothes clear of this dirt.

God has ordained man to seek knowledge. How many times I have broken my Tawbah?

Without knowledge he is like animal. Roaming around muhmamad wandering dogs in the streets of your native country is better than being in a foreign land even if you are pushed and kicked from all corners in your country.

The writing of fate, who can erase with scheming? Your time of death mmian is stil far away, you will have time to left and your young, Do justice, and worship, at the end you will perish.

Mali da kaam pani dena, bhar bhar mashkaan pawaye, Malik da kam phal phol lana laway ya na laway. Gardens, spring, and rose gardens, without friends of what use?

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Hirs majazee, shehwat baazee, jis ander wich hundee, Har ik soorat ujlee tak kay paee tabeeat bhondee. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Do not feel at ease even when the enemy has gone or is dead, Even if the fang of a dead snake pricks you, you may die of pain. Boatman is a soul and the worn out or broken boat i the body. Qatra wanjh peyaa daryaawey, taan oh koan kahaaway, Jis tey apnaa aap gawaaway aap oho ban jawey. I fell in love without seeing the belovedand what had to happen happened, I have forgotten laughing and playing, and now I am in a lifelong crying.

Chooa, chiraa te kutaa, billa ,har koee waan dharandaa, Too adam shehzada muhammav ke chhadeyn wassa gharaan daa.

The true friend is one who shares your sorrows and does not abandon when you are in trouble. Knowledge teaches man to know himself.

Mian Muhammad Baksh | Sufi Poetry

Dukhye di gal dukheyaan sunda, sukhyey dee gal sukhyaa, Dukhyaa haaye karey taan kolon sukhya hundaa dukhyaa. Not for ever will the branches be green, not for ever will be the flower of the garden.

Bas mera kujh zor na chalnda keeh tusaada khonna, Lissey da keh zor Muhammad nas jaanaa ya rona. Thy acquired various colors afterwords.