Kanda Puranam, a religious epic, is one of the greatest literary epics in Tamil. It mainly describes the story of the rescue and redemption of the celestials from the . Lord Skanda-Murugan. HOME · + Illustrated Research Articles · 32 Picture Galleries · Murugan Bhakti Newsletter index . Click here to start Kanda Puranam. The Tamil Kandha Puranam is but a part of the Sanskrit original which is made up of Sanatkumara, Suta, Sri Kandha Puranam (The Story of Karttikeya).

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Kanda Puranam in pictures

The ij of penance was indeed induced by the Lord’s grace. Gajasamhara Moorthi He lifted the child that lay in the flower bed carried it home and gave it unto his Queen ttamil found no words to express her joy.

The anger towards the Moon Sage Dadeechi explains the significance She was sad to be parted from her Lord, but was happy to be got rid of the blemish of being the daughter of Daksha. The wheel sent to Earth by Lord Brahma 11 4.


The yaga gets disrupted The birth of Lord Muruga. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. The child takes the majestic form. Hide my purannam address. The present attempt to give an outline of the magnum opus is aimed. Namaste, I received my package today.

Adoration to the holy feet of the Lord with ten arms and five faces To Him in whose waist-band the Sun-God rests as a diamond stud. The wheel sent to Earth by Lord Brahma. A Study of Skanda Cult. It is the Self-Born and also the Self-Existent. Brahma loses his head due to his pride Thirumuruga at Thirupparankunram The birth of Vinayaka.

The crow spills the water in Kamandalam. When the Lord represented through the nature of jnanam the ascetics realized that such supreme mystic knowledge could not be attained through book learning. The sages arrive to fix the marriage 38 Swaminatha Iyer and it was published about fifteen years ago. Twmil heads grew again The coronation of Soorapadhman The wedding of Deivayanai The Advice by Pulakar.


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Supreme Deity or Divine Rascal? Daksha raises a query. The Skanda-Purana 23 Volumes.

Kandha Puranam Urpathi Kandam

Gangadhara takes the Ganges The son of Indra lodged in prison. The exploits occurring in the Ramayana are truly the replicas of those of the Skannda Puranam. Daksha does yaga without Lord Siva I have got both of them and they are very much helpful for my paper writing. The first Kanda is Siva Rahasya Kanda comprising 13, granthas.

Yet God is worshipped in His threefold nature, they being paternal, maternal and filial. In an atmosphere of perfect serenity ordering Nandi Deva not to allow anyone into the enclosure, Siva started expounding the intricate and mysterious realities capsulated in the Sivagamas.