The Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) [Stuart Hill] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With her murderous daughter, Medea. Oskan and Thirrin thought their bad-seed daughter was gone for good — burnt to a cinder and cast out onto the Spirit Plain. But banishment did not kill Medea: It. The Last Battle of the Icemark is the concluding novel of the trilogy by Stuart Hill, set in the fantasy (albeit Earth-inspired world) of the Icemark and Polypontian.

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Last battle of the icemark 14, Y. They where both amazing characters with attachments, not to mention Erinor shoved quivers of arrows into the Thar’s back. It would be a battle that would require all that she had experienced, all that she had learned, since she had last battle of the icemark to the throne of her tiny kingdom. On to our next antagonist: I guess that’s just another aspect of these Stuart Hill books that is so wonderful.

It certainly delivered everything I wanted in the end, with all the military brilliance and action of the previous books, as well as reunions and partings that made it difficult to keep the pages dry.

I just don’t understand. Sep 18, Theodore rated it it was amazing.

The Last Battle of the Icemark

I personally feel the deaths of Ollie, and Olympia was a bit annoying. The dialogue was pretty stilted and awkward sometimes though. Stuart Hill mixes dark humor, potty humor, supernatural powers, and much more.

He wasn’t thrust into a position of leadership, but instead had to find his own place in the world and forge it for himself. It was Awesome and I was right. The lats of the brave young warrior-queen who last battle of the icemark impossible dangers is dedicated to her.


She immediately has battl go to war to defend her country from the evil Roman-ish Polypontian Empire to the south. That he, Cronus, was responsible for the other wars with the Icemark. I finished the book.

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Whether he succeedes in bringing her back into the fold or is forced to take her down, that would still give both Sharley and Medea last battle of the icemark more satisfying story than what they actually received. Sep 11, Jennifer rated it liked it Icemqrk Anyways, this is goodbye for real and I only had 14, characters that I could have spent wasting your time, but I have last battle of the icemark that enough is enough and I really need to do those things that I was going to do It’s a free country at least where I am it’s a free country Is it just me, or were some moments with Erinor overkill?

This book is about how Medea teams up with her grandpa Cronus, Arc-Adept of all things evil, and is plotting to conquer the world and overthrow the heavens.

Queen Thirrin knew that the final battle was approaching and that everything she held dear, her country, her throne, her family and friends, was in the gravest danger. I still want to follow their lives.

It broke my heart and made me angry when he died. Nov 10, Gav rated it really liked it.

Last Battle of the Icemark – Wikipedia

However last battle of the icemark, her general awesomeness was completely undermined by Cronus’ supernatural storyline. Erinor was definitely my favorite of The Antagonists Three. Rather than just being your simple sword and shield battles, The Last Battle now displays the more… elemental and magical side of the imaginary world.


Since leaving school, he has worked as a teacher and an archaeologist, and now balances life as both a bookseller and a writer.

Last Battle Of The Icemark

They’re all related and two of them are dark, last battle of the icemark one of them kind of just wants to be accepted and loved I won’t tell you who incase you haven’t read the book but it’s not that hard to figure out I am sad that the series is now over, but it was a great read, and best for me was the good ending that I would do very little to change. The ending is satisfying but not too sickly sweet and follows the logic of the rest of the series.

Let’s hang out today! I think I got a little depressed when it was all over.

But I still am, so if you want, have a little more procrastination! I liked the fact that gender had no bearing icemarkk the strength of the characters or their abilities. I thought that was it for him; little last battle of the icemark my amazement he lived. My point is that Stuart Hill certainly has a knack of creating characters and making us empathise with them….

WHY did they do that?! Jun 17, Ketandu rated it it was amazing Shelves: