With this aim he launched a unique magazine “Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan” in The new magazine “Narayan Mantra Sadhana Vigyan” was started in. In , he introduced “Mantra-Tantra-Yantra Vigyan” which is now continued as “Nikhil Mantra Vigyan”, a monthly magazine through which he introduced the. With this aim Kailash Siddhashram brings out the “Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan” monthly magazine; organises Diksha (intiation into sadhanas) ceremonies.

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Needless to say these words of Gurudev have helped several lost, troubled souls to find a new ray of hope in their lives. Thousands of mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine have been initiated into the field of Bigyan through this powerful medium. Dikshas and Sadhanas have blown in fragrant breezes in the lives of many despaired and frustrated men and women.

Only through this experience one could attain the pure knowledge. Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan.

In his 65 years, he opened up this knowledge treasure to all as he always used to say, only this knowledge is permanent. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji transferred His spiritual energy into Him.

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य

His every success would be beyond belief, yet it never robbed him of his simplicity, easy ways and frankness. Ivgyan was his constant companion on the path of life, yet no problem or obstacle could match his resilience and perseverance, as he took on the challenges of life, rising from poverty to gain the best education, a job as a lecturer and then as a professor in university, by the dint of sheer courage and hard efforts.

Any Sunday Magnetize Yourself! Please viggan Official Website mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine Revered Sadgurudev www. The magazine also carries the divine experiences of Sadhaks and disciples who have tried Sadhanas and benefited through them.

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Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan – Hindi Magazine

Once Lord Krishna, then a disciple under the great Sadguru Sandeepan, was seated at the feet of the Gur This mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine is such a treasure chest that is linked and provides solutions to all kinds of problems and enables an individual to move on the right path and attain success.

Narayan Dutt Shrimali, who is known in his ascetic form as Paramahans Swami Nikhileshwaranand Ji had taken the oath to introduce the common man to the ancient Indian knowledge.

Sadgurudev Shri Kailash Chandra Shrimaliji.

Powerful Mantra practices based on the Vedic knowledge are revealed which could help the common man to overcome tensions, diseases, adversities, poverty and enemies. There is a small English section in each issue. Infact the knowledge from this magazine has deepened and mqntra rooted our Mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine culture in all.

Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan Magazine Online | Mantra Tantra … | Flickr

The magazine carries wonderful Sadhanas every month which can be performed in special auspicious moments in that month for gaining solutions to the various problems of human life. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji left for Siddhashram.

Ages sure have differed but not the aim of these enlightened beings who by their benign presence make a herculean attempt to propel mankind to higher states of mental and spiritual evolution, by making them break free of their dogmas and false beliefs and by reintroducing them to the real science of life which is as ancient as it seems to be new every time it is vigyaan.

The most precious part of the magazine is very special features based on Mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine Gurudev’s discourses which deal with the problems faced by Sadhaks during Sadhanas, and dwell on vighan intricacies of the world of spiritualism.

Revered Gurudev always strived to shatter all myths, taboos and misconceptions related to the ancient Indian sciences and mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine faith and respect for them in the mind of the common man. Staying in this world as a common householder he lived the householder life to the full, because he believed in the philosophy that to understand the problems of the common householder one has to lead that life.


Years later disciples, followers and those who knew him would wonder how he remained so unassuming and unpretentious in spite of the laurels and fame bestowed upon him. Ever since its conception the monthly has been dedicated to revealing mantraa knowledge and wisdom of ancient Yogis and Rishis. This work is surely against the tides of the times and is truly mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine in itself.

The magazine by propagating true and authentic knowledge aims mantra tantra yantra vigyan magazine banishing misconceptions and fears regarding the ancient Indian knowledge of the spiritual world. To fulfill his oath, Pujashri roamed all of India and searched matazine these unknown secrets, due to which the human race can lead a pleasant and fruitful life. On 21st April in a remote village of Rajasthan divinity descended to the mortal planes in a surprisingly inconspicuous manner — an element which would later mark all his achievements.

Besides it gives valuable information related mantrs Sadhanas camps and the monthly astrological forecast.

In the new millennium the magazine aims at yantta fast and quick solutions to all problems of modern human life. With this aim he launched a unique magazine “Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan” in Email Me for suggestions vanshuk14 gmail. In June,Gurudev Dr.