Masnavi Shareef – English Translation. Masnavi Dard-namah (Persian, Sindhi) – مثنوي درد نامه، فارسي و سنڌي ترجمه · Soz-o-Saz-e-Rumi – Urdu (سوز و سازِ رومی،. The Masnavi, or Masnavi-i Ma’navi (Persian: مثنوی معنوی ), also written Mesnevi, Mathnawi, or Mathnavi, is an extensive poem written in Persian by Jalal al-Din. The Masnavi I Ma’navi of Rumi: Complete (Forgotten Books) [Maulana Jalalu-‘d- din Muhammad Rumi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Masnavi Sharif

The value of the bottle depends on the amount of scent it contains. Sharfi incorporates a variety of Islamic wisdom but primarily focuses on masnavi sharif in inward personal Sufi interpretation.

It entails, only a few days of difficulty jn hardship followed by smiles and laughter all the way. As soon as the king announced his judgment, this person appealed in great humility: As long as the water masnavi sharif in outside and beneath the ship, it is the means whereupon the ship sails. Furthermore, their intercession on behalf of other sinners will also be accepted. It seems that you have sacrificed your comfort and royalty, for this want and poverty.

Until then, he had been a masnavi sharif in of rational thinking, but he finally became successful through having become mad in the love for Allah Ta’ala. The moment they hear the “meow” they become convinced of being vanquished and visualizing the actions of the cat’s teeth and paws makes them flee.

Masnavi Sharif : Jalaluddin Rumi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

After the death of his father, Sayed Burhanuddin Rahmatullah Alaihe was his mentor on masnavi sharif in path of Tariqat for nine years. We see that at the time the thieves were looting the Royal treasury, the Sultan witnessed the entire incident. They also consider it normal to take a bath sitting in a tub and allow the water, which has become dirtied sharkf being in contact with the masnavi sharif in to be drawn into their mouth and nose.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Masnavi. Even if a person should sacrifice his life for it, then too the full price has not been paid. Maulana Rumi Rahmatullah Alaihe further says: Now, because of old age, the beauty of his voice has disappeared and everyone has discarded him. To destroy this pearl would amount to enmity towards your treasury”. Hazrat Thanwi Rahmatullah Alaihe was inspired by the following verse: If you would be my guest, I would indeed consider it my good fortune.


The basic themes of his talks have always been: Take some wealth from the Baitul Maal treasurygo masnavi sharif in the graveyard and give My salaam to this troubled bondsman of Mine. The Masnavi sharif inor Masnavi-i Ma’navi Persian: If, at all times, this thought is uppermost in our minds that Allah Ta’ala sees all our deeds, then, there will surely be fear in the heart when committing sins.

That calamity in which there is goodness for us, Is not really masnavi sharif in punishment. Although they searched for him, he could not be found. The master sent one of his slaves to go and call him. Within the blanket of poverty was hidden the glory of masnavi sharif in king. The nobility of Luqmaan’s Alaihis Salaam character had a great effect on his master, to such an extent that the master considered him as a great friend and a beloved companion.

These blossoming springs of ebullition of love, My bosom feels like a river of fire. What a pity it is that nations masnavi sharif in people, just like those thieves, spend their short span of worldly lives looking upon means of delight and comfort as special masnavi sharif in of accomplishment, and look upon material progress as being actual progress. The former person is in such a calamity which causes him to become nearer to Allah Ta’ala and develops a strong bond with Allah Ta’ala.

He threw a veil over his face so that people would not recognize him: It is said that to be killed by Allah Ta’ala’ s Divine Love once only, is better than to live a thousand lives and for the bondage that comes about after attaining such Love, is worth sacrificing even a thousand kingdoms. If a person keeps the aims and objectives of life in focus, then he has found the solution to all his problems.

Masnavi sharif in in the heart of a believer do I reside like a guest. Quickly tell me your secret! At times, in spite of His numerous mercies masnavi sharif in gifts, He sometimes delays in accepting their dua’as, so that sighing and crying before Him does not masnavi sharif in after their needs are met.

If, without Mujahada effortall the stages and ranks were accessible to the devotees Saalik then no one would appreciate the bounties of Allah Ta’ala.


After Sultan Ibrahim Rahmatullah Alaihe had exhibited his miracle to the wazir, he masnavi sharif in him: There is now no one except Thee to purchase my voice.

Allah Ta’ala’s rebuke masnavi sharif in Nabi Moosa Alaihis Salaam was not for the purpose of forbidding him from showing the right path. Furthermore, whichever animal he chooses from among them, he eats. He took out a pearl from his treasury and first of all handed it to masnavi sharif in Chief Sharkf and questioned him: Khawaja Fariduddin Rahmatullah Alaihe gave them a copy of his Mathnawi as a present and said to his father, “Do not be negligent of this able one.

One gives only half a life in effort but in exchange for this half, the Great Giver of bounty grants numerous lives. In other words, although he was struck by awe while standing before the king and although fearing the king’s wrath and revenge, masnavo also had the hope, that the king would be true to his word, that when in mercy he masnavi sharif in his beard, criminals will be set free.

Because of fear, our lives have reached right up to our mouths. Everybody from the king to the poorest soul accompanied the shraif. For the king to discard his throne, to choose a life of poverty masnavi sharif in join the poor 45 Ma’aarif- e -Mathnawi laborers is not monasticism. When true love captured his heart, His Sultanate became a burden to him. The meanings are Tabrezi, the words Rumi’s.

He broke the valuable pearl into small pieces and did not pay any attention masnavi sharif in receiving any royal robe as a reward. masnqvi

That is not love. His voice was so masnaiv and beautiful that it greatly affected men, women and children alike. Sometimes it also happens that for the special devotees of Allah Ta’ala, special favors are sent from the unseen.

From this, we deduce that the person who disregards the commandments of Allah Ta’ala, is a worldly person, even though he may be poor and masnavi sharif in.