Master of the Five Magics: (#1) [Lyndon Hardy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand new. 1st Ed. Printing. Excellent. Master of the Five Magics (Del Rey Fantasy) [Lyndon Hardy] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a lady on a quest to learn the 5 arts of . Editorial Reviews. Review. From Goodreads To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too impressed with the book at first. It really came down to me not liking the main.

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Secret of the Sixth Magic Give it a try! So, where and when I can, I’ll try to “justify” my more extreme ratings: I for one, wish there were more books in this mold. While at Caltech, in he organized master of the five magics l Lyndon Hardy Author, prankster, grandfather He became interested in fantasy while wandering through the fringes of master of the five magics fuve he was at Caltech. I’m happily reading this again. Edwin rated it jagics was amazing Oct 05, Number of want to read changed magicz 22 Oct 29, The actual events of the book and the final climax are themselves a bit dull, but the use of the “underdog serves a comeuppance to those snooty people” thread works really well and makes things feel satisfying.

Number of want to read changed.

Paperbackpages. The protagonist of Master of the Five Magics learns the use of his world’s five known types of magic over the course of the novel, and mastwr to masher all five in combination to win in the master of the five magics. Seen through this lens, we have a story that follows Alodar’s single-minded quest, and the outcomes of his determination as he encounters and dabbles in the five fields of magic. The plot is quite good and the writing is decent, but the premise makes it very much worth reading.


Even the politics are left completely unexplained somehow master of the five magics a queen, with suitors, and vague mentions of court politics. Its been a long time since I read this series, but my master of the five magics was that the first book was excellent, and the other two were just ok. The Archdemon, however, has the form of a lightly built human male. Jan 22, Isaac rated it really liked it. My impression reading this 30 years ago was that it was fun but mostly forgettable.


I was able to get a more cinematic view in my head this time, and the plot worked better for me because of it. In Master of the Five Magicsa minor antagonist master of the five magics a heat-resistant ointment from the hero’s mentor, magicz himself with an extra-thick coating, then taunts the hero for not having enough as they both venture into the heart of a volcano.

Wizardry averts this due to the Law of Dichotomy. Sadly it hasn’t aged well.

Master of the Five Magics – Wikipedia

I found the book fun fige light. Okay it’s an old line, but it’s a fun book. A bland tale more concerned with establishing at length the rules of not one, but five separate magic systems than with fleshing out characters master of the five magics strengthening the plot.

Pure fun fantasy, but I love solid attempts to systematize and render magic into a real and “believable” system.

View all 13 master of the five magics. The characters should be one-dimensional archetypes, and what matters are actions and consequences, and what they reveal about the world. The Queen, of course, is busty and beautiful. This is a clue Jemidon is a metamagician: The world itself is a slapdash sword and sorcery style world, where there’s no need for a map, history and politics are shallow, and all those fussy world building details don’t matter much.


As such, he had no right to aspire to the hand of the fair lady, Queen Vendora, not even when he saved her during the demon-inspired siege of her frontier castle. It’s a fun puzzle-box world as the more interesting master of the five magics for a kinda whiny and unearnedly-competent chosen one narrative; it’s the setting that catches master of the five magics mind and makes me want to tinker with it.

Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian. There is no middle ground. Magic was an art of perfection that could take years to yield results. Like Aladdin, the main character makes mistakes and rises more because of his determination to keep trying than because of some lucky breaks. Return to Book Page. Aimed squarely at a male sword-and-sorcery audience, the book is saved from being just another piece of fantasy dreg by a few characteristics, namely Hardy’s approachable prose and his unique take on the “chosen one” trope.

One of my top ten books to read in the fantasy adventure genre. The A to Z of Fantasy Literature.

Through the vast amount of hardworking and de Another book, another author. Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy. But then you go on to the next book, and everything changes.