In the annals of espionage, one name towers above all others: that of H.A.R. “Kim ” Philby, the ringleader of the legendary Cambridge spies. A member of the. More thoughts on Kim Philby’s My Silent War KIM PHILBY, THE AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY, AND OPG: THE FOX BUILT THE HEN- HOUSE. 12 May For many years after the publication of My Silent War, it was rumoured that the autobiography of Kim Philby had been ghostwritten by the KGB.

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He funneled more information to the designated enemy more than any spy in history, yet never lost his legendary British cool, even long after his role was at last unearthed. The Autobiography my silent war kim philby a Spy by Kim Philby. But I wouldn’t be wanting to make charitable contributions to them. But whilst I couldn’t help but admire the chutzpah of anyone who manages to pull off the double agent trick as effectively as he did, I also couldn’t forget that this is a man who had to betray people who were apparently close to him, which is silrnt that sits very badly awr me.

It wasn’t in Philby’s my silent war kim philby to be charitable. May 30, Serhii Khalymon rated it really liked it. He started his career, and his ineffable style, as a my silent war kim philby, editing a Nazi paper in Austria, then covering the Spanish Civil War thanks to the generous contributions of Generalissimo Franco.

Anyone who wants to g Kim Philby was a fascinating character whose brilliance and addiction to treachery are equally staggering, but boy is sioent ever unable to bring his own story to life in this nose-thumbing account of capital-offense-level malfeasance. The fact that it’s described in such sulent tones makes it all the more so.

But he also says practically nothing of his motivations.

My Silent War: The Autobiography of a Spy by Kim Philby

I was not that impressed. The book is interesting and very well written if you like extremely dry British humor but it leaves out quite a lot. Then towards the end my silent war kim philby is an account of the period of initial suspicion around him and how he managed to dodge being caught, though his subsequent service in the Middle East is very much glossed over.


This book is short, and rather interesting because Kim Philby had no remorse for his silrnt.

All the while, he was a tireless worker for the other side. Self-serving and sometimes frustratingly vague, Philby’s memoir is still valuable for its author’s style and humor. Philby notes my silent war kim philby extreme dislike for Hoover and his organization’s use of blackmail of American citizens to maintain his grip on power.

Yes, but not many my silent war kim philby us have worked with a government to deprive individuals of their life or liberty. Graham Greene said that Philby’s actions left him without a cause, a country or friends, while John le Carre wrote that he acted, not out of ideological committment, but because he wanted to gain the superiority of knowing things which others could not.

Cairncross, Burgess, McClean and Blunt.

A much more likely scenario in any case: Nothing worse phioby boring and confusing, with very little to take away. They would discuss absinthe and serve Burgundy above room temperature.

Don’t expect to read about his early years, his many marriages, his kum or his reaction to Khruschev’s lifting the veil on Stalin’s terror years. As previously noted, he perhaps understandably says nothing of one side of my silent war kim philby work at all. But perhaps it would have been better if he’d been more like the others? And, of course, Philby was tooting his own horn to the extent his Soviet employers and censors would allow. Occasionally, he will make a xilent nudge-nudge, wink-wink reference to being responsible for the failu This book would have perhaps been slightly better if Phikby remembered more about Kim than what I got from compendiums of the world’s greatest my silent war kim philby that I read as a child, but only marginally so.

Yet the entire time he was a Soviet double agent, with access to my silent war kim philby most inner secrets of the West during the cold war. He spends a fair amount of time discussing kkim interrogations ear his bouts with the media once he came under suspicion but does not provide underlying reasons for his treason other than his motivation was not money.


The Times and The Sunday Times and carefully selected third parties use cookies on this site to improve performance, for analytics and for advertising. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Refresh and try again. Throughout, Philby comments pungently on the various figures who made up his secret world, many of whom are now mere footnotes.

My Silent War: The Autobiography of a Spy

I would have like I hated the first three-quarters if this book and nearly abandoned it. Para receber o link de download digite seu celular:. Otherwise the man was wise to leave the post-spy literary career to Graham Greene.

My silent war kim philby Fernandes 21 April at Anyone who wants to get a glimpse of the real Philbg should check out the YouTube video of the press conference in which he disavows his relationship with Guy Burgess. He appears to have decided or been told to say nothing whatsoever about what information he passed on, or what activities he undertook on behalf of his Soviet bosses.

I was particularly taken with Captain Yossarian’s solution to the problem. For all his machinations, Philby may be remembered best as a writer. In the annals of espionage, one name towers above all others: True luck would have been if the Spanish police had searched him and somehow missed the incriminating scrap of paper. Written from Moscow inMy Silent War shook the world and introduced a new archetype in fiction: Not until his posting to Washington and Burgess’ defection does Philby allude to his my silent war kim philby association with the USSR as well as possible knowledge of the activities of Burgess and Maclean.