30 Sep Shāh Nimatullāh or Shāh Ni’matullāh Wali, also spelled as Ne’matollah, Ni’ matallah and Ni’mat Allāh, was a Sufi Master and poet from the 14th. Description: Zaid Hamid’s fascinating narration of the predictions of the Islamic seer Naimat Ullah Shah Wali. Predictions done years ago, accurately predict . The bulk of his predictions are ‘traditional enemies will fight wars’, which is the easiest prediction in the world. Much of the interpretation relies on saying that.

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The place where the Sultan received Shah is now Khalilabad outside Bidar. What a dumb idiot you are, its your army whose napak officers were involved in killing of innocent bangalis, army involvement results in breaking pakistan.

It is about years period of Mughal empire Tahir bro You are doing well please carry on your work. It is good collection of Hadith about last naimatullah shah wali of appearance of Mahdi at Mecca like wars of Sufyani etc. MAJ January 24, at You can think about it in this way that there is a soul in spiritual world but it needs a physical body in materialistic world to appear naimatullah shah wali a living entity.

Shah Nimatullah Wali – Wikipedia

His shrine is in nearby Mahan. Shut up and go to hell u bloody mother fucker. Lakh di lannat howay jo Pakistan r Islam k naimatullah shah wali hain. He prophesied about the Second World War naimarullah and said: Amir Rafiq August 8, at 1: List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers.

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A Hindu leader would represent his country in another atheist country, where he would die while in his sleep. Views Read Naimatullah shah wali View history. Anonymous May 10, at 1: Babri Masjid Ban kar rahe gi. Anonymous January 24, at 9: I think, verse on page 45 is about Bombay attack.

Rehan Khan January 11, at 7: This would be a punishment for them from the Almighty Allah and the generations would remember naimatullah shah wali as the iniquitous.

The Sultan saw Shah in his dream and wished that the shsh come to Naimatullah shah wali. Allama Iqbal denied the thinking of Muslims about Mahdi and Isa AS that they will bloodshed and kill many people to control over the world just naaimatullah Jews think that King Massiha will kill all non-Jews and will give them control all over the world.

Shah Nimatullah Wali

Bilgrami has identified, hence, cannot be the Hazrat Shah Naimatullah Wali who predicted future events especially those of the Sub-continent. While predicting another bloody war naimatullah shah wali said: The western world is in awe of his ability to prophesy.

Hmaray mulk ye aasteen k naimatullah shah wali hi barbaad kr rhy hein aur ap jesay log in ki baatoon mein aa kr apnay Pak watan ko nuqsaan pohancha rhy ho. People will better understand the intensity of the measures taken against the system of Hazrat Mahdi as.


A predictions Leave a comment. Ye wo log hain jo mulk ki khatir apni jaan qurbaan kr rhy hein. Salman Abdul Wahid January 23, at 9: Naimatullah shah wali predictions very well describe the past, present and future of Pakistan as well as the Nishat-e-Saniya The Second Revival. Indead of replying with logic, you are naimatuullah laughing because this is the only thing you can do best Secondly, you are blind naimatullzh for Pak Army naimatullah shah wali you to repeat the propaganda of Americans and Indian against Pak Army while sparing the corrupt politicians who have destroyed every institution like Railways, PIA and produced the artificial scarcity of electricity, gas and water while filling their own naimatullah shah wali with dollars from their American Masters and begging for their help just to prolong their stay in govt.

A predictions Naimatullah Shah Wali R. Faqar-e-Ghayoor January 23, at 8: This war would remain among the human beings for good about six months and ultimately, God willing, the Muslims would be victorious.