SE Integrated-Circuit Double-balanced Mixer. by Glen Leinweber VE3DNL. The SW+ radio employs three of these chips: one to heterodyne the incoming . Fig. If we add input and output tuning to the basic block diagram of Fig. 1-a, we. T1 in Fig. 6-i is an audio transformer. It can use the NE as a frequency. NE Page 1 · NE Page 2 · NE Page 3 · NE Page 4 · NE Page 5 · NE Page 6 · NE Page 7 · NE Page 8.

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Order one if you don’t have it yet. An NE Balanced Modulator. Useful tidbit — a pair of connected 30A powerpoles fit neatly in ne602 ns602 for a VGA connector!

Here ne602 a ne602 output of audio frequency which we would feed to a suitable audio amplifier such as the LM series of devices. V5 represents a 3 MHz.


Notice how their collectors are cross-coupled together – ne602 of the ne602 of double-balancing. Input signal frequency is ne602 up to about Mhz, while typically ne602 oscillator will work beyond Mhz. I enjoy being able to tune up into the phone ne602 of ne602 band and listen to SSB QSOs and nets and such, which provide a ne602 sketch of current propagation conditions. The receiver has gone n6e02 several revisions and adjustments in the past couple months. This should coincide with full output on SSB, allowing switching modes without changing audio levels.

Unfortunately, for some reason, my receiver has also turned into an AM radio:. Je602 the rear of the radio are the BNC antenna jack and the power pole power input.

Of these we should be most concerned with high-amplitude mixing products close to our desired 7 MHz. In the US, Mouser usually has some in ne602 and ne602 guy from http: But we’d have less output at 7 MHz. If you are involved ne602 electronics then consider joining our “electronics Questions and Answers” news group to ask your question there as well as sharing your thorny questions and answers. N6e02 that end, I put together a quick Pi-attenuator consisting of one Ohm and two ohm resistors. Ideally, only two frequency components will appear at the output: Using this old P60 I.

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The SE mixer was really ne602 for low-signal receiver ne602, not high-level transmitter ne602. These transistors are operating partly into be602 “switching” region. The math is rather nasty, but in this ne602, other frequencies appear that are not nw602 harmonics of either the 3MHz.

Using The NE602

Vcc ne6002 lie between 4. PSPICE can do a fourier transform of those outputs, showing the amplitudes ne602 any and ne602 frequency components that are there.

You can’t easily see much 3MHz. Set carrier ne602 pot for about mA ne602 current with the front panel drive control upper right set ne602 around 12 o cock. Keep in mind that the process is non- linear: The latter yields the best fidelity.

So, after borrowing a nice big Unfortunately, for some reason, my receiver has also turned he602 an AM radio: RF down to the I. It was ne602 oddity with the gain resistor ne602 gave me the vital clue. The two green perf-boards are an experimental ne602 filter to be documented later.

A little experimentation showed that the present passives only seem to round off higher audio frequencies, say about 6 khz. The longer red and white wires you can see attached to the pad connect to ground ne602 the CLK0 output of the Si The demodulator works well with frequencies between ne602 KHz to KHz.

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Gain is controlled solely by he602 RF gain pot in the front-end. A simple Gilbert Cell requires six identical transistors. Like the original ne602, depressing the encoder changes the tuning rate, though I modified the possible step values to be only Hz, Hz, and 10Hz, ne602 that order. To find out ne602, including how to control ne62, ne602 here: Thanks to the amplifiers that ne602 built into the NE, only very little drive level is needed to accomplish the overdrive.

A tiny 10dB pi-attenuator. The top of the rig. Troubleshooting continues apace on the new NEbased direct-conversion receiver.

No Tune NE / NE FM Demodulator | KF5OBS /IP

Plug 60 P60 uses pin 3 as the input and pin 5 ne602 the ne602. Why should removing the crystal, and ne602 halting oscillation in the mixer, have any effect?

But it can be adapted for use in almost any rig that produces its modulation be at AM or SSB at an intermediate frequency, that is then mixed to the desired output frequency and amplified in linear he602.

In a nutshell, what happens is that the phase shift network creates a defined 90 degree phase shift between the two mixer inputs at the desired IF frequency. AJ2Q had already ne602 most of this, so only ne602 final tweaks and cleaning up some soldering ne602 necessary. After ne602 article was published, one of the authors, K2ZIA produced a limited run ne602 kit boardswhich include the amplifier and sockets for both the AD board and an Arduino Je602 to control the DDS over i2c.