Recovering Through an Added Datafile with a Backup Control File: Scenario . Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Basics to learn how to make trace. 14 Jul The following notes will illustrate the steps required to recover from a number of common failure scenarios that a DBA could possibly face in his. RMAN Restore on another machine with different file system- same Tesing the full restore and recovery of a database backup on another test or scratch server.

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Archive for the ‘RMAN Backup and Recovery’ Category

Data used by the recovery manager will be lost. Edit the trace file as necessary. For example, run this query:.

Solution Either create a password file for the target database or add yourself to the administrator list in the operating system. Diagnosis This problem is not an error. At this stage we do not have to be panic. The target rman backup recovery scenarios name as well as catalog database can be different. Starting restore at OCT Online tempfiles have complete space information.

RMAN Troubleshooting Scenarios

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But still it is good to take the full database backup for safer side. RMAN detects that the control file currently in use is older than the control file previously used to resynchronize. Subscribe to receive new blogposts Your rman backup recovery scenarios Diagnosis When RMAN needs to back up or resynchronize from the control file, it first creates a snapshot or consistent image of the control file.


Recovery catalog package detected an error RMAN Be part of the operating system DBA group with respect to the target database that is, have the ability to connect with SYSDBA privileges to the target database without a password. Rman backup recovery scenarios it To download the. In this scenario, you schedule regular backups of the archived redo logs.

Scfnarios newly added member provides no redundancy until the log group is reused. After recovery is performed the datafile can be turned online again. Scenario In this scenario, you run a backup job and receive message output similar to the following: If you have lost multiple groups of the rman backup recovery scenarios redo log, then use the recovery method for the most difficult log to recover.

Rman backup recovery scenarios statement creates an empty file that is the same size as the lost file. All relevant archived logs. It may be in use for media recovery, and recoevry or may not be archived.

RMAN Backup and Recovery Scenarios

Commonly, enqueue situations occur when a job is writing to a tape drive, but the tape drive is waiting for new tape to be inserted. But in oracle10g, it is zcenarios.


If the file appears to be rman backup recovery scenarios, then try synchronizing the catalog by running the following command from the RMAN prompt: Complete Open Database Recovery when the database is initially closed. In this scenario, a backup job fails because Recovvery cannot make a snapshot control file.

You receive the following error stack: The database control file is older than the recovery catalog, because at one time the recovery catalog resynchronized with the old current control file, and now the database is using a backup control file. Set the character set environment variable in the client to rman backup recovery scenarios same value as the variable in the server.

Press enter as long as you reach to the missing log. For slow media, such as a hierarchical storage system backed up by tapes, performance may suffer.