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PB Lakshmi Narasimhan says: One whose glory is known through the Upanishads! They are carrying golden pots on their heads that are filled with the water sri venkateswara suprabhatam in the Divine Ganges Akasa Gangawhich has been rendered fragrant by mixing cardamom, cloves and camphor in it.

Lord Rama is being woken up to perform his morning prayers daivam-aahnikam. Sri Vaishnavas are waiting singing your praise. Sunlight is approaching in the East. On seeing the crests of Thy temple tower, the mortals, who are attempting to attain sri venkateswara suprabhatam in exalted paths of Heaven and Liberation, feel like living on in the mortal world, as it gives them the opportunity of worshipping I. Thus here is the Suprabhatam of the Lord of Vrishachala!


Glorious morning to you. Tantree prakarsha maduras swanaya Vipanchya Gayat yanantha charitham tava Naradopi Bhasha samagram asakrit kara chara ramyam Suprqbhatam Sekhara Vibho tava Suprabhatham.

Bringavali cha makharanda rasaani viddah Jangara geetha ninadhais saha sevanaya Niryatyupanta sarasee kamalodharebhyah Seshadri sri venkateswara suprabhatam in Vibho tava Suprabhatam.

Lord of Sridevi and Bhudevi! The friends of the bees are trying to steal away the bluish brightness of the flowers and the sound of the drums. Part of a series on.

Views Read Edit View history. Sri venkateswara suprabhatam in having a charming form on account of the chest which is the abode of Sri Lakshmi! Your divyamangala vigraha is so beautiful as to vanquish the pride of Manmatha CupidYou are renowned in the Worlds for your blemishless auspicious qualities and you cast your blossoming eyesight on the fine parts of Mahalakshmi.


Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam – Shankar Mahadevan | Releases | AllMusic

Sri Lakshmi, mother of the world, you reside in the heart of Mahavisnu; O beautiful one that captures the attention of the minds of humans, O bestower of all benefits to those who fall at His feet, O dear and beloved one to Lord Venkateswara, I offer these morning Pranams to you.

One whose sight is fondly centred on the lotus bud sri venkateswara suprabhatam in breasts of His beloved! Glory to you O Venkatesa, whose abode is described incessantly in the Holy books, variously as Seshachala, Garudachala, Venkatadri, Narayanadri, Vrishabahadri and Vrishadri.

The abode of auspicious and pure virtues! Srimannabhishta varadakhila lokhabando Sri Srinivasa dayaika sri venkateswara suprabhatam in Sri devata griha bhujantara divya murte Sri Venkatachalapathe tava suprabhatham. May it be an auspicious dawn to Thee, O!

Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam

O Devi, good morning to you whose eyes are like the lotus and the bright face of the full moon; the consorts of Brahma, Sankara and Indra pay their respects sri venkateswara suprabhatam in you the ocean of mercy dear to the Lord of the Vrishabadri. Bearer of the mole Srivatsa! Ela lavanga ganasara sugandhitirtham Divyam viyat sariti hema ghateshu poornam Dhrutva adya vaidhika sikhamanayh prahrishtah Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam.

Here are few interesting facts which we need to know about Venkateswara Suprabhatam composed by Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annangaracharya in the year A. Sriswami pushkarinika plava nirmalankah sreyorthino Hara Virincha Sanandanadyah Dvare vasanthi vara vetra hatottamangah Sri Venkatachalapathe tava suprabhatam. Ocean of faultless and auspicious virtues! Lakshmi, the Mother of the Worlds, who dwells on the chest of Vishnu, the enemy of the demons, Madhu and Kaitabhaof attractive and divine form, with the nature of granting what is desired by those seeking refuge!


Siva, Indra, Agni, Yama, Nairuti, Varuna, Vayu and Kubera, with folded hands placed on their heads, are desirous of offering service to thee. Some of these are. O Lord the abode of Lakhmi, sri venkateswara suprabhatam in ocean of good qualities, the only boat to cross the ocean of Samsara, the true knowledge sought sri venkateswara suprabhatam in Vedanta Upanishadsthe lord of ture glory enjoyed by devotees,glory to you.

Nearby is Brhaspati who is reading out the planetary position called Panchangam of the day. Lakshmi, the beloved of the Lord of Vrsacala, with eyes like lotus petals, with a bright face like the Moon, who is worshipped by Vani, Girija and Pulomaja the wives of Brahma, Sankara and Sri venkateswara suprabhatam in and who is very compassionate.

Abode of Sri Lakshmi! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sanskrit Wikisource has original text related to this article: Tvat pada dooli parita spuritottamangah Svargapavarga nirapeksha nijantarangah Kalpagamakalaniah aakulatam labhante Sri Venkatachalapate tava suprabhatam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full text in Samskrit Text. The Brahmins, well-versed sri venkateswara suprabhatam in the Vedas, are now joyfully waiting to worship you.

The sole refuge of the Universe! A rendition of the poem by renowned carnatic vocalist M. The matchless ocean of compassion! Venkatesa, seeking your benevolent look of approval Garuda and other leaders of your retinue are jostling for your first look to enhance their supervisory sri venkateswara suprabhatam in.