HOWEVER, apparently I didn’t sign indicating that I would like compensation . so I immediately sent required form back to the VA(VA Form ). Of course. I retired on 01 January with 20 years of Service. I received a VA Disability rating of 50% and the effective date of my claim is 01 March I. 14 Nov herewith the claim for disability benefits from the V.A. for my client Dennis copy of VA Form (Election of Compensation in Lieu of.

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I totally feel your pain!

Retiree Waivers

Can anyone tell me how va form 21-651 works? Where to send your waiver application If you are corm retired member of the military, you must complete and submit the first page of the Formm Formincluding all supporting documentation to your Retired Pay Office.

I filed the second claim for PTSD after I retired because 2 years of detainee ops and other crap at bucca and balad and MSR Tampa, started to surface when i had va form 21-651 with normal civilian personnel. If thats the case how do I correct va form 21-651 fill out a new form????? March 12th, 21651, 5: I called the VA dorm “Peggy” told me to send the form directly to them after I told her that I had given on to my VA rep the day after I received my letter.

It would be so beneficial if on ebenefits where it lists that they have these forms if there was an option to view the documents that they have as of being proactive Unless you check block in item 19 below, u are telling us that you are choosing to receive VA compensation instead of military retired pay, if it is determined you are entitled to both benefits.


Thank you all for your service The new laws do not say that VA can restore waived compensation pay. The earlier law, still in effect, barred the payment of both compensation and va form 21-651 pay. Retired Military Members A waiver is an act of the government to intentionally relinquish its claim against an individual for a debt resulting from erroneous payments of wages or allowances.

No I do not want Fa compensation in lieu of military retired fom, my question for u guys is this correct I also went on to fill out blocks 20, 21, 22, which is bank info and I signed and dated 23A. It is a no brainer that the VA needs to correct. March 12th,4: No idea what I checked or how to verify I just looked at the I went va form 21-651 the DAV today while at Trippler. Just Vets Helping Vets. va form 21-651

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you’re agreeing to the va form 21-651 terms. I hope my papers are filled out correctly Retired member debts incurred after retirement are not fprm for remission. There are retirees that do not waive their retired pay and at least one is on this board.

Although I rcvd my award ltr in May claim allll done they still say it could take up to 7 more months to get my pay started. If you are awarded military Retired pay prior to va form 21-651, we will reduce your retired pay by that amount.


July 6th,9: Your form must be hand signed and dated. I don’t think you’re supposed va form 21-651 check that box. But, the VA said they can’t pay me because I checked block 19 of c. Like posted I checked box 25 also. If only I could get my hands on that VA Rep.

Va form 21-651 we request includes:. Receipt of military retired pay or Voluntary Separation Incentive VSI and VA compensation at the same time may result in an overpayment, which may be subject to collection.

VA Form “We Have Withheld Benefits” – Veterans Benefits Network

Agree to the validity of the debt. Members The team Contact us.

Submit your application to your Retired Pay Office within 5 years of the date the debt was discovered by a pay official. Will this seriously delay by backpay retro to 1 Nov or the start of my monthly entitlement? This is a policy issue for retirees, If you did not retire then you dont even va form 21-651 to worry about block If you are retired and your debt va form 21-651 while on active duty, you may submit your application directly to the Remission and Waivers Department.